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Environmentally Friendly Freight Shipping

Freight Shipping: Request a Quote for Trucking or Rail TransportAs one of the leading freight shipping companies in the Midwest, we aim at 100% customer satisfaction by ensuring that your goods and shipments reach their destination on time and in a good condition. At the same time, we at Midwest Heavy Haul understand that we have a responsibility towards the environment. Therefore, we try our best to ensure adherence to environmental-friendly shipping practices.

Every member of Midwest Heavy Haul is trained and encouraged to “think green” and help in minimizing the harmful effect that we have on the environment. Some of the practices that we enforce with our partners in order to reduce our carbon footprint include the use of greener fuels, the efficient use of vehicles, and opting for eco-friendly freight shipping options whenever possible.

Rail Freight - The Eco-Friendly Freight Shipping Option

Rail freight is one of the most economical and environmentally friendly options for transporting goods over long distances. Keeping this in mind, Midwest Heavy Haul offers a variety of efficient freight shipping options that include the use of trucks for covering short distances and rail for long distances.

Freight Shipping: Environmentally Friendly TransportationRail freight shipping is an extremely convenient option for transport of goods from one place to another within the country, and to places where cargo ships or planes cannot reach. Trains are four times more fuel efficient when compared to trucks and release fewer quantities of greenhouse gases. Also, rail containers can carry more than 50% of what a truck can, which makes them an even better option for freight shipping.

Thanks to the well-laid railways lines across the country, Midwest Heavy Haul is able to coordinate and ensure timely transportation of heavy and medium-weight loads to different locations across the US. Thanks to our network of carriers, we offer these freight shipping services at the most competitive prices. Our staff is trained to seamlessly transfer bulky material from heavy haul trucks to the train and from the rail container to trucks, safely and efficiently.

Efficient Use of Trucks and Freight Shipping Vehicles

We understand that not all shipments can be transported by rail shipping. Therefore, we partner with some of the best trucking service providers in the region to ensure adherence to best practices in freight shipping operations. This means that trucks are equipped with efficient systems like APUs for reducing emissions and for saving fuel when the truck is stopped.

Our truck drivers are also trained to set standard speed limits in order to ensure efficient fuel consumption and for safe driving on highways. We ensure that all drivers have the needed experience, along with excellent safety records in driving, to handle heavy haul trucks on all kinds of terrains.

Our logistic experts are also constantly at work to:

  • Improve efficient use of freight shipping trucks by load matching, so that trucks don’t have to travel empty
  • Map more efficient and shorter routes to save time and fuel
  • Coordinate delivery schedules so as to combine multiple deliveries whenever possible, and cut down on the number of trips required for freight shipping

Therefore, all the staff members at Midwest Heavy Haul have a strong sense of responsibility for conserving the environment, and do their best to help in keeping the greenhouse gas emissions as low as possible while ensuring timely and safe delivery of your goods.

Make Us Your Eco-Friendly Freight Shipping Partner

If you are looking for eco-friendly freight shipping solutions for any rail or truck freight shipments, make Midwest Heavy Haul your choice. To learn more about the freight transportation services that we offer, call us at 888-377-0004today. You can request a quote by phone or through our online freight quote form. Either way, we guarantee to offer the best freight shipping solutions to meet your requirements.

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