Selector Guide for the Right Trailer Dimensions at Midwest Heavy Haul

Trailer Dimensions: Oversize, Extendable, & Heavy Haul Freight Transportation

Does your company deal with large pieces of equipment and hardware that cannot be divided into smaller parts? You no longer have to worry about shipping your equipment safely when you trust Midwest Heavy Haul to handle your oversized shipments. We can provide heavy haul and oversized trucking using a range of oversized trailer dimensions that comfortably accommodate even the largest and heaviest of equipment.

Looking for the right trailer dimensions for your heavy hauling or oversize transportation needs? Review our trailer dimensions shown below and make your choice between eleven unique, practical, and sturdy trailers for meeting all of your transport needs. If you are not sure what trailer dimensions are required for your shipment, contact the experts at Midwest Heavy Haul today at 888-377-0004 to see what type of trailer is best to meet your needs!

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Trailer Dimensions and Trailer Sizes

Find the Right Trailer Dimensions From Our Selection of Oversize Trailers

Unlike some other freight transportation companies, Midwest Heavy Haul can utilize an impressive range of trailers to fit shipment of all sizes. Regardless of your equipment and the quantity you need to transport, we can easily find the ideal trailer dimensions to accommodate your needs.

For smaller shipments and those that can be broken down into smaller loads, you can choose from our collection of six standard size flatbed and drop deck trailers:

  • 48' or 53' Standard Flatbed Trailer
  • 48' or 53' Expandable Flatbed Trailer - extendable to 91' or 115'
  • 53' Drop Deck and Sliding Rear Axle Trailer
  • Expandable Drop Deck Three Axle Trailer - extendable to 75'
  • Double Drop Lowboy RGN Two or Three Axle Trailer
  • RGN Expandable Double Drop Deck 2 Axle Trailer - extendable up to 68'

Regardless of your needs, Midwest Heavy Haul promises sturdy and reliable trailers that offer support, stability, and safety for your equipment. With our extensive collection of trailers available, you are sure to find the one with the best trailer dimensions for your needs.

Idea Trailer Dimensions for Loads of All Sizes

Trailer Dimensions: Heavy Haul & Oversize Load Trucking

Is a standard trailer simply not large enough to accommodate your shipment? We can also utilize any of a variety of specialty expandable oversize and heavyweight trailers. These trailers have the dimensions needed to ship manufactured homes, automobiles, and other sizeable equipment across the country. These specialty oversize trailer dimensions are perfect to transport heavy loads anywhere in the United States.

  • 115' Expandable Flatbed Trailer: With an original length of 58'9", this trailer expands upto 115' with an impressive weight capacity of 35,000 pounds.
  • 6 or 9 Axle High Tonnage Double Drop Expandable (Floor Deck) Trailer: This impressive trailer extends upto 77'6" with an expandable length of 107'6".
  • 6 or 9 Axle Schnable Trailer with Steerable Dolly: The total length of this trailer spans roughly at 78'4" and it is ideal for accommodating extra weight from heavy loads.
  • Expandable Blade Trailer: The spacious and sturdy expandable blade trailer spans a minimum of 52'11" with an expandable length upto 134', making it ideal for extended length shipments.
  • Expandable High Tonnage Trailer: This heavy duty trailer spans over 132'10" as a minimum and can be expanded to 138'10". With such size and strength, it can accommodate both extremely large and heavy loads.

For more help determining which of these types trailers has the dimensions needed to accommodate your shipment, see our trailer selector guide or contact us directly. Regardless of which type of trailer is used for your job, we promise timely and professional delivery for all kinds of equipment.

Contact Midwest Heavy for Details on Trailer Dimensions

Are you looking for the best transport options for your company shipment? Midwest Heavy Haul can not only offer you great advice on finding the right down trailer dimensions for your shipment, but we can also present you with the best options with our large selection of available trailers.

Contact the experts at Midwest Heavy Haul today at 888-377-0004 to learn more about trailer dimensions and to determine the right size trailer for your shipment. With our expert advice and limitless trailer options, will help you find the perfect option with ideal trailer dimensions for any oversize or heavy shipment.

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